It’s time to go deep undercover with Investigations Discoveries podcast, Detective. Detective tells the first person stories of whats happening, beyond the thin veil of yellow tape. The thin veil of yellow tape that separates you from the crime scene.

Each season a new detective is chosen to spill their secrets. The detective is interviewed episode by episode, revealing true stories, from their career in the line of fire. What happened in their worst case, what serial killers did they investigate, why do they do what they do, what problems have they encountered, and many more secrets are shared.

Joe Kenda
The podcast helps you understand what a career as a detective would be like. It also gives you a close up, on what crime looks like from an insiders perspective. Famous detectives such as Lieutenant Joe Kenda, from Investigation Discoveries Homicide Hunters, have been interviewed on the podcast. Prepare yourself Detectives stories will be heart wrenching and uncensored.


Detective is a refreshing choice for the true crime fan. It provides a welcome spin on your normal true crime podcast format. Each season you get to dive deep into the life of a new detective. Detective tells the story of the individual detective, and what they experience in a challenging career. You get a first person perspective of all the surprises found in a challenging case. A true first stop for anyone considering a career in police work.

Rod DemerySome of Detective’s episodes receive the explicit rating in iTunes because of their graphic content. Although the podcast should be safe for most, caution should be taken if graphic descriptions offend you.


Detective interviews some of the best personalities in police work. These detectives often make appearances on the Investigation Discovery channel, so your assured to have someone great to listen to.

The podcast is edited to the quality you’ve come to expect from Investigation Discovery. The podcast is in interview format, so it doesn’t provide a suspenseful true crime feel, but more of an educational experience.


Detective is a free podcast available on the Stitcher app, google play store, rss feed, and through the iTunes podcast app. Detective is lightly ad supported.


Detective has some strong language and explanations of graphic content. Parental discretion is recommended. Although, Detective can be graphic, it is safer and cleaner than a lot of other true crime podcasts.


More information about Investigation Discovery can be found on their website

Wikipedia page for Investigation Discovery.

Stitcher page for Detective podcast.

iTunes podcast link for Detective.

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Detectives Rss feed.


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Prepare to head undercover with Investigation Discoveries true crime podcast, Detective. Detective interviews a new detective each season, and spills their inner secrets. Learn about their worst cases, serial killers they’ve encountered, and the difficulties they’ve faced in police work. Prepare yourself for a heart wrenching and uncensored ride though the life of a detective.

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