Prepare to face your fears. Aaron Mahnke dives deep into the unknown, in his podcast Lore. Lore tells the stories and events in history, that inspired folklore. Each episode, Aaron Mahnke, shares historical tales, that weave together into a common theme. You may be listening to an episode that reveals the stories that brought us Dracula, or one that covers historical tales of karma and curses.

Aaron MahnkeEven though the podcast dwells on the supernatural, it’s created in a way, that allows anyone to enjoy it. Subscribing to supernatural beliefs is not required. A love of culture, or history is usually enough to enjoy this podcast. However, if you love the supernatural you’ll receive all the weirdness, you can get.


History has fostered lots of dark tales and superstitions. To understand a culture it is helpful to examine their folklore. Folklore reveals a lot about the people in history, and their cultural beliefs. There are a lot of traditions, and superstitions we blindly carry on today, that resulted from dark events in history. Lore examines this folklore. If you love a good non-fiction story, or love culture, give Lore a try. Aaron Mahnke may soon have you believing in things you didn’t think possible. Lore is safe for all audience. Even though scary and violent tales are covered, its done in a safe manner.


Aaron Mahnke does a great job producing Lore. Sound quality is top-notch, and easy to listen to. The podcast does feel scripted, although it doesn’t feel like a problem, because of its story like format. Aaron Mahnke does a great job researching each topic, and putting each story into a format that makes the podcast flow.


Lore is a free podcast available on the Stitcher app, through rss feed, google play, and through the iTunes podcast app. Lore is supported by ads on each episode. Aaron Mahnke also accepts donations through Patreon. In return for your support, you receive extra episodes, and additional content. lorepodcast.com gives you a place to buy merchandise and Aaron Mahnke’s other works of literature.


Folklore often has violent and cruel back stories. Aaron Mahnke does a great job keeping the podcast clean, while narrating these violent stories.  Lore has been rated “clean” in iTunes, and should be safe for most audiences.


To check out what else Lore has to offer, visit Lore’s official website lorepodcast.com.  The website has a store were you can purchase Lore merchandise, and other literature from author Aaron Mahnke. He also has a support page where you can donate money through Patreon. In return for your support you get access to additional podcast content.

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Aaron Mahnke’s podcast Lore dives deep into the roots of our fears, and superstitions. Lore covers histories true stories, that have forever become folklore. Often the truth behind our superstitions, can be stranger, and more terrifying than fiction. Lore is a safe, and fun podcast for anyone interested in history, superstition, or culture.

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  1. Surprisingly entertaining, and very well made.


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