Review Algorithm

Review Algorithm

With every review, and its staff strive to be as fair and accurate as possible. We understand that reviews can be influenced by personal biases. To ensure accurate site reviews and to help combat biases has developed a review algorithm. We use this 15 point rubric for every podcast review. The different parts of the review algorithm include:

  1. Entertainment –

    1. Does the podcast keep your attention.
    2. Are you kept wanting more.
    3. Are you entertained by the podcast.
  2. Content –

    1. The podcast delivers what it promises (Learning, laughter, News, etc.).
    2. It delivers this content consistently.
    3. Does advertising take away from the content.
  3. Delivery –

    1. Podcast has a clear direction without stumbling blocks, making it easy to listen to.
    2. A clear beginning, middle, and end is established.
    3. Podcast keeps on focus, and does not ramble.
  4. Production –

    1. Has the podcast been edited well.
    2. Audio quality is clear and non-distracting, with appropriate volume levels.
    3. Timely and well produced intros, outros, and other sound effects.
  5. Voice –

    1. Does the speakers voice captivate you.
    2. Are the speaker(s) easy to listen to, and understand.
    3. Does the speaker communicate confidence, with minimal speech fillers.


Each review is assigned a number, out of ten, for each part of the review.  The value given is based on how well the podcast scores on the rubric.

10 – Perfect

9 – Great

8 – Good

7 – Average

6 – Fair

5 – Poor

4 – Bad

3 – Awful

2 – Horrendous

1 – Missing


Detailed review notes can be requested via our contact page.  We understand that podcasts have a natural tendency to become refined with age.  If you feel a podcast has developed significantly, and is due for another review, please let us know via our contact page.

We are always happy to work with podcast creators.  If any special requests are needed, or if you are requesting advertising services, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

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