Quite simply put, if you haven’t heard of Serial, you’ve lended truth to the old idiom, that some people do live under rocks. Truly, no podcast has ever launched itself into the publics eye, and achieved the level of mania, that Serial did. In fact, a vast amount of podcast listeners received their introduction to podcasting, through this popular podcast. In addition, Serial help spawn the rapid growth of the true crime genre. Does Serial live up to its hype? We hope to answer that and more in this review.

To begin, host Sarah Koenig unfolds a true story, week by week, over the course of a season. Up to the present time, each story have been controversial, and true crime related. As the story unfolds, listeners experience each plot twist and turn, and are encouraged to take sides. Season one tells the story of Adnan Syed, and his conviction for the murder of fellow student, Hae Minn Lee. Immediately, question about the accuracy of the conviction, begin to arise. When all the pieces fall, we must sort through the facts, and decide what really happened. After all, are we listening to Sarah Koenig interview a manipulative murderer, or an innocent man fighting for freedom.


Important to realize, the podcast is investigative in nature, dealing with real people, currently caught in the midst of a controversy. Be that as it may, the podcast mistakenly gives the listener the initial feel of a “who done it”. Consequently, many are disappointed when the podcast doesn’t deliver a definitive conclusion.

At this instant, most of these investigations are still ongoing, and the Serial podcast has moved on. Although, any developments will be covered on the podcast. Ultimately, Serial provides an avenue to tell these controversial stories, allowing greater access for the public to weigh in. If you love a trendy thought-provoking controversy, you’ll love true crime podcast Serial.


This American Life’s staff produces Serial. As a result, sound and editing quality are excellent. Sarah Koenig plays the role of a determined investigator, all while narrating the story beautifully.

Important to realize though, the podcast has the feel of a “who done it,” but in truth Serial is more of an investigative news podcast. Because of this, people often complain that Serial lacks for a true identity. Early episodes feel like their ramping up suspense headed towards an epic “who done it” conclusion. In actuality, the stories being told are unfinished, and don’t have a true conclusion to offer. This creates a conundrum were the season struggles to end itself. Overall though, faults aside, this podcast is an entertaining thriller, and a must listen.


Download This American Life’s Serial podcast free on all major podcast apps. Each episode is ad-supported.


Covering real crime and grizzly events Serial holds nothing back. It receives the explicit rating on iTunes because it covers adult topics, and vulgar language. However, most audience should find this podcast safe. Above all, if vulgar language or descriptions of violent crimes offends you, approach with caution.


The dust has settled, but Serials ripple is still being felt throughout the podcast community. Truly, no other podcast has achieved the level of public attention, that Sarah Koenig’s podcast did. If your unaware, each season narrator Sarah Koenig unfolds a true criminally related story, episode by episode, over the course of a season. The stories dive deep into the lives of controversial individuals, who’s paths have entangled them with the law. Serial received backlash for selling itself as a true crime “who done it”. In actuality, the podcast is more of an investigative news podcast. All things considered, Serial is still a must listen for any podcast fan.


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