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Did curiosity kill the cat?  Have you ever pondered about this, while simultaneously wondering how Barbie’s are made.  The Stuff You Should Know podcast, aka SYSK, is the defacto podcast for the curious mind.

Join hosts Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant as they explain the inner workings of how the world works.  Exploring a wide range of topics, everything from how malls work, to the history of action figures.  Strap in for an entertaining and educational roller coaster. You can always count on Josh and Chuck to provide entertainment, and laughs along the way.

Stuff You Should Know HostsWHO IS THIS PODCAST FOR

Josh and Chuck, senior editors of the popular, have created a podcast that is fun for all ages.  Anyone who loves learning will find this podcast a winner.  Josh and Clark keep the podcast interesting, and entertaining enough to make even the most boring topics fun. Adult topics are covered on some episodes, but an overall safe and clean environment is kept, allowing kids of all ages to enjoy this one.

The Stuff You Should Know podcast takes a bite out of topics, without devouring topics all the way down to their core.  Josh and Chuck do a fantastic job at researching their topics, but fall short of covering anything technical or, deep on most topics.  The hosts are hindered by the simple truth, that they are not expert on all things.  They provide a beginning understanding of most subjects.  For most this is enough, but for some brain savvy individuals, this podcast might not be conclusive enough.


Stuff You Should Know has been around for years, and has amassed a huge following.  The podcast has been refined, and lengthened over the years, but has consistently enjoyed quality production.

Josh and Chuck are prone to wandering off topic, with quite regularity. Stuff You Should KnowSometimes this can hinder the flow, but it usually just adds to the entertainment, and fun of the podcast.  The relationship the listener feels to the hosts, is a part of SYSK’s charm.

The Stuff You Should Know following have not had their resolve shaken by ad heavy episodes. Stuff You Should Know is more ad intrusive than most podcasts out there, but not enough to be a deal breaker.


Stuff You Should Know is a free podcast, available on all the popular podcast downloaders. Also available is HowStuffWorks own app, that allows you to download SYSK. and their other podcasts.  The app is available on both the Apple, and Android app markets, free of charge. The cost of this free podcast is of course a heavy amount of ads.


Josh and Chuck are very good at warning listeners when they are covering an adult topic.  Most of SYSK’s episodes are clean from top to bottom, with only a couple covert adult jokes thrown in, and some drinking references.


The official website for the podcast is The website sells merchandise, and provides additional opportunities for learning, and connecting with the hosts.

The parent website for the podcast, where you can read about, and learn how virtually anything works is

Wikipedia page for Stuff You Should Know.

iTunes link for Stuff You Should Know.

Stuff You Should Know’s RSS feed.


How Stuff Works, the publisher of Stuff You Should Know, has a variety of podcast shows formatted similarly to SYSK.  They cover a variety of more focused topics, like history and technology. If you love Stuff You Should Know, How Stuff Works other podcasts are worth checking out, especially if you are interested in their specialized subject matters.

Stuff You Missed In History ClassStuff You Missed In History Class is another podcast in the How Stuff Works podcast saga.  Their short episodes tell the small stories from history.  If you love Stuff You Should Know, and love stories from history this might be the podcast for you.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Stuff to Blow Your Mind is another podcast offered by How Stuff Works. Stuff To Blow Your Mind covers science topics from the strange to the marvelous.

Tech Stuff
How Stuff Works saga of podcasts wouldn’t be complete without a technology podcast. Tech Stuff covers technologies of today and technologies we look forward to in the future.

NPR How to Do EverythingNPR’s, How to Do Everything podcast, has a similar vibe to Stuff You Should Know.  Each episode of, How to Do Everything, covers well, How to Do Everything. The podcast explains how to do random thing you wouldn’t usually think of.  If you love learning about random things this is another podcast to try out.


Do you love learning, no matter what the subject is? Are you curious about everything, looking to fill your mind, with all the random stuff in this world? Then, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is for you.  Josh and Chuck can make even the most dull topics a fun and entertaining time. Laughs and jokes a plenty, learning has never been such a fun ride.


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