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The podcast that proves that the worst monsters are real. Sword and Scale brings you true crime in its purest, truly uncensored, and unfiltered form. Mike Boudet holds nothing back in his hour-long episodes. Covering real audio from murderous criminals recorded in the act of slaughter, court room audio, interviews, and the truly strange of true crime.Mike BoudetEach episode explores a different type of evil. Pedophiles, murderous moms, infanticide, serial killers, and cannibals have all been covered on Sword and Scale. If your feeling queasy already, you may want to skip this one, and look for a more docile true crime podcast.  Sword and Scale is a podcast for the morbidly curious. Prepare to have your emotions torn, and screaming. This podcast is one sick and twisted ride through evil.


Sword and Scale is true crime in its purest and most raw state. Not every true crime junkie will love this podcast. Most true crime podcasts simply tell a story about grisly crimes, Sword and Scale does more. They insert you live into the crime scene, by providing your ears with audio of violent crimes, 911 calls, and interviewing those who are closest to the case.

Narrated by Mike Boudet to help you understand the truth behind true evil. No other podcasts come close to providing you with the mental pictures, that Sword and Scale does. You need to have a strong stomach in order to digest Sword and Scale. If you live for true crime, and can live with nightmares, this is the podcast for you. Listener discretion is advised on this one.


Sword and ScaleQuality production is built into each episode of Sword and Scale. Mike Boudet’s content is what gives the podcast its high level of production quality. The content often tells the whole story, with minimal need of narration. Mike Boudet collects and edits all the audio files from each case, interviews individuals close to the case, and masterfully orders them into a story. The podcast gives you the feeling, that a lot of time, and effort has been spent on the production of each episode.

Not every episode of Sword and Scale is created equal. Loss of interest can be created when an audio recording rambles on to long. However, most episodes keep you entertained from the beginning to the end.


Sword and Scale is a free podcast available on the Stitcher app, through rss feed, and on iTunes. The podcast is donation, ad-supported, and has been successfully kick starter supported in the past. If you’d like to support Sword and Scale, or find out more about it you can visit swordandscale.com.  Podcast merchandise is also available through their website.


Sword and Scale covers audio from real murders, and criminal activities. They cover, in detail, the worst that humanity has to offer, including rapes, murders, child abuse, and infanticide. Anything is fair game on Sword and Scale. They receive the clean rating in iTunes, but listener discretion is highly recommended for this one. This podcast is not for the faint of heart, listen with caution.


Sword and Scales official website is swordandscale.com. Information on episodes can be found on the website. The website also provides access lots of content, and articles not covered on the podcast. The website has a place for donations, and a place to buy podcast merchandise.

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True Crime is a podcast genre that is currently trending, and helping to expand the podcast audience. There has been a surge of podcast listeners over the last couple of years, resulting from a certain true crime podcast. If you’ve received your introduction to podcasts, through Serial, you may be looking for other true crime podcasts. Sword and Scale is a great true crime podcast, but there are other true crime podcasts worth checking out.

Serial PodcastNo podcast has had such an impact on the podcast audience more than Serial has.  If you have not checked out this podcast I recommend you do. Serial investigates one story episode by episode, over the course of a season. The stories are usually true crime related, and from more recent events.

48 Hours PodcastYou may know 48 hours from the popular television show.  The 48 hours podcast covers the same information as their tv show, but in podcast format. If your not familiar with 48 hours it presents a crime, and walks you through to its conclusion.

True Murder Podcast
The True Murder podcast interviews the authors who have written about the worst crimes, and criminals in history. If you are interested in the biggest crimes in history, and the most notorious criminals you should check out this podcast

Detective Podcast
Investigation Discoveries Detective podcast, interviews a new detective each season. The detectives answer questions about their career, worst cases, problems with police work etc..



Sword and Scale is true crime in its raw, and uncensored form. Each episode covers a different type of evil, supported by true stories of heinous crimes. Cannibalism, serial killers, infanticide, kidnapping, pedophiles are just some of the evils, that has been explored on Sword and Scale. Prepare yourself to listen to murders, heart wrenching 911 calls, and the truly strange of criminal activity. You may never be the same after listening to Sword and Scale, so prepare yourself.

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