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NPR’s TED Radio Hour brings the world-famous TED Talks to your life, in podcast format. TED Talk speakers take you on a journey through innovative ideas, new ways of thinking, and ground breaking inventions, at conferences around the world. TED Radio Hour takes several related TED Talks, and strings them together to form one common theme, for each episode.TED Radio Hour

Each episode is narrated by Guy Raz, who gently guides you through each episode. Following each TED Talk Guy Raz interviews the speakers. An episode about happiness would hope to inspire ideas on how to be a little happier as a person, and a society. Another episode may focus solely on new inventions to extend your 5 senses.  With topics covering a wide variety of ideas, TED Radio Hour’s true goal is to amaze, and inspire the listener.


TED Radio Hour provides listeners with the opportunity to learn about new and exciting ideas, and innovative new technologies. TED speakers are often hand-picked because of their positions at the forefront of new technology, and ideas. These speakers are captivating and inspiring. Anyone looking to be inspired, and learn about innovative technologies, will want to give this podcast a try. This podcast is safe for any age group.


Guy RazTED Radio Hour has a simple format that lends itself to great production quality. The episodes consist of playing related TED talks, after which Guy Raz interviews the speakers, and gently narrates the podcast. You will be constantly listening to some of the best speeches, and speakers in the world. TED Radio Hour does not lack for quality.


TED Radio Hour is available free on all major podcast apps and feeds. NPR also has their own app called the NPR One app, which is available free on both the Android and Apple app markets. The NPR One app allows you to download TED Radio hour and all their other podcasts for free. TED Radio Hour is lightly ad-supported.


TED Radio Hour receives the clean rating in iTunes, and should be safe for audiences of all ages.


News and information about the TED Radio Hour podcast can be found at npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/. General information about NPR can be found on their main website NPR.org. Information regarding the TED Talks played on each episode, can be found on TED’s main website, TED.com.

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If you are a fan of TED Radio Hour, NPR has a wide variety of other podcasts you can check out on NPR.org.

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TED TalkIf you love TED Talks, the TED Talks podcast is a must listen. The TED Talks podcast lets you listen to any TED Talk, currently available on TED.org, in audio format. You miss out on the video experience, but can take TED Talks with you anywhere.

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EmbeddedNPR’s Embedded takes the stories from the news, and digs deeper. The podcast helps you understand news stories that are misunderstood, or not fully understood. Embedded has followed drug addicts throughout their addictions, interviewed bikers involved in the Waco Shootout, lived in violent El Salvador, and done many more things to deliver the whole story.


TED Radio Hour shares the innovative ideas, and ground breaking inventions seen in TED Talks. Each episode features several related TED Talks, married together into a common theme.  Host Guy Raz gently narrates the podcast giving it a direction, and a purpose. TED Radio Hour will both inspire, and amaze you.

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