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Gone one night and still missing after 11 years, will anyone find Georgia beauty queen, Tara Grinstead. One mans desire to discover the truth has managed to snare him in a web of threats and conspiracies. As a result, Payne Lindsey’s, might find the truth better left alone. Especially, since the truth may possibly involve a police coverup.Payne Lindsey

Is the Up and Vanished podcast prepared to rattle the chains of justice, and openly accuse dangerous people of murder. Payne Lindsey has made it clear that nothing will stop him from discovering the truth. Will justice ultimately be served? Prepare to ride this investigative podcast out, because no one knows what sinister truths his investigation will uncover.


The Up and Vanished podcast is the direct result of the new investigative news genre, revolutionized by the popular Serial podcast. In that case, if you’ve listened to Serial, this podcast should have a very similar vibe. In effect, if you love Serial you should find this podcast a winner.Tara Grinstead

Payne Lindsey has made it clear that it is his intention to solve this case. However, just like Serial, the cruel constraints of reality exist. The podcast is currently still releasing episodes with new findings. As a result, it has managed to remain interesting. However, if season one of Serial disappointed you, prepare to be equally disappointed by this podcast. Up and Vanished will feel incomplete, If no conclusion is reached at the end of this podcast. Nevertheless, if you don’t need a perfect ending, this one is a true winner in the investigative news genre.


Up and Vanished is well produced and host Payne Lindsay makes it easy to listen to. Payne Lindsay does a great job providing the listeners with every single detail, and conspiracy related to the case. As a result, the podcast may feel like it doesn’t have the clearest direction. On occasion, you may get the feeling that your following conspiratorial rabbit holes, that simply lead nowhere. In fact, one may argue that Payne Lindsay doesn’t completely understand the direction his podcast will go. However, even though some may find this distracting, others will love the “all encompassing” feel of this podcast. The “all encompassing” feel of the podcast creates suspense for the listener. In fact, this style gives you the feeling that your experiencing newly investigated information live through the narraters lenses. As a result, all the ups and downs of the case feel current and genuine, resulting in a suspenseful podcast.


Up and Vanished deals with real crimes and real people. In addition, explanations for Tara Grinstead’s disappearance can be graphic, and disturbing in nature. For this reason, caution is recommend if graphic content offends you. However, in general Up and Vanished is kept safe for most listeners. As a result, the podcast receives the clean rating in iTunes.


Up and Vanished is free to download on all major podcast downloaders. Payne Lindsey supports the podcast via ads and donations. Information about donating and advertising can be found at the podcasts donate page.


Join host and amateur investigator Payne Lindsey as he painstakingly tries to solve a puzzling cold case. Who murdered beauty queen Tara Grinstead? and will we ever know. Help Payne navigate the conspiracies, and find the truth in this nail bitter of a podcast.


upandvanished.com is the official website for the podcast. The website provides listeners with current information about the podcast.

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