We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival

The world as we know it just ended, will anyone survive We’re Alive’s zombie apocalypse? In the beginning, Army Reserve Soldier Michael Cross, believes it’s just another ordinary day. All of a sudden this changes, when a group of “rioters” take control of Los Angeles. Having said that, these are not simple rioters, as the news has been telling everyone. Reality strikes Michael, when he witnesses a “rioter” rip a man from his car, and forcibly tear him apart. Taken by fear, Michael realizes the truth, he is facing a horde of angry zombies, and he must defend himself. Follow soldier Cross and the rest of humanity as they prepare for survival. Action packed, and full of plot twists, the fight for survival has never been this entertaining.We're AliveNever done before, We’re Alive bridges the gap between a traditional audiobook, and a movie. Kc Wayland set out to create something completely new. As a result, he created a new genre of entertainment, know referred to as an audio drama, or an audio theatre for the mind. We’re Alive uses all the sound effects, dialogue, and action felt in a movie, and creatively narrates it to give it a similar feel. Fair warning, you may find yourself wrapped up in the action, with no ability to put this one down.


Action packed and full to the brim with flesh eating zombies, We’re Alive caters to a wide audience. In reality, their format closes the gap between a tv show, and an audiobook. For this reason, tv show lovers, movie lovers, and audiobook lovers should give this podcast a try. In addition, If a constant diet of flesh rippers makes you happy, this Zombie podcast should go down nicely.


Pioneers in audio only theatre, We’re Alive masterfully creates a cinematic experience using only audio. Kc Wayland makes audio theatre possible, by keeping the story almost completely dialogue driven. For this reason, the story is driven by a large cast of complex characters. In addition, sound effects are constantly playing to paint the accurate mental picture.

We're Alive CrewIn the beginning, the dialogue seems a little forced, but quickly corrects itself, as the characters adjust to their roles. Each character is played by a recognizable movie actor and actress, giving the podcast a believable feel. In addition, the storyline has a solid beginning, and end, with lots of action packed content in-between. In honesty, this zombie ride isn’t perfect, but extremely close.


From the start to the finish We’re Alive is free, and lightly ad supported. In addition, you can downloaded it on all major podcast downloaders. Including, Apples podcast app, on the Google Music store, through RSS feed, and through the Stitcher app. Kickstarter campaigns have been ran in the past, to support additional spinoffs to their main story.


We’re Alive contains strong language and depicts scenes of violence. Because of this, We’re Alive has received the explicit rating in iTunes. This podcast if mostly safe, however if strong language offends you, approach it with caution.


Army Reserve Soldier Michael Cross just discovered the world is over. Zombies have invaded Los Angeles with one intention, to kill everyone. Join him, and his huge cast of supporting characters, as they try to survive the invasion. An original and true masterpiece in a the new genre of Audio theatre.


We’re Alive’s website posts recent news and information on the podcast. Also, available on the website is a store to buy merchandise.

Wikipedia page for We’re Alive.

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We’re Alive’s RSS feed.


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